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Martinsville Speedway

Fans Beware of Speed Traps Near Martinsville

If you are one of the thousands traveling to see NASCAR drivers race for a position in The Chase at the Martinsville Speedway this weekend, you’ll likely see three things: beautiful leaves, NASCAR stickers, and the Virginia State Police.  That’s right, the VSP will be out in full force this beautiful October weekend monitoring the Commonwealth’s highways, looking for those traveling a little too fast to the half-mile track for a long weekend of fun, camping, and the smell of hot brakes.

Speeding laws in Virginia are some of the strictest in the country, with Virginia carrying the reputation of being one of the biggest speed traps in the nation.  This reputation for cracking down on speeding has caused even the most experienced commercial drivers to tip-toe through the Commonwealth in hopes of avoiding a speeding ticket.  Not only is speeding dangerous, but these speeding tickets can be detrimental to your driving record.  If you hold a Commercial Driver’s License, a speeding ticket can put your career in jeopardy.  If not dismissed or reduced, speeding tickets can lead to additional points on your driving record and may cause an increase in your insurance premiums!

In order to maximize your fun this weekend, make sure to obey the speed limit signs through Patrick County and Henry County along US Highway 58.  The two largest speed traps along this route include dual 45 mph zones located outside of Stuart, Virginia in Patrick County.  With a few 55 mph zones spotted along the route, this 7.5 mile stretch of highway includes rolling hills perfect for police to monitor speeders cresting the ridges and letting it roll down into the valleys on their way to the Martinsville Speedway.  And remember, they’ll be watching you when you head home on Sunday too!

So, be aware, be careful, and have fun!

As Darrell Waltrip always says, “Boogity, boogity, boogity, let’s go racin’, boys!!!”

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