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Completing a thorough estate planning process can be overwhelming. At Schneider & Williams, P.C., we ensure confidence in the planning process from the very beginning. As estate planning attorneys, we listen carefully and guide our conversations to uncover your most important concerns and goals. Start with a basic plan when you’re young and update it for more complex asset protection and estate tax advantages as your family grows. The most important thing is that you get started today.

Our firm serves high-net-worth individuals with high expectations regarding estate planning strategies. We offer white-glove concierge service at every step. We can take as much time as you need but also understand your time is valuable. As we discuss life challenges and navigate through them, we’ll build a trusted relationship. Our goal is to create a friendly and approachable environment that fosters lasting connections over a lifetime.

Estate Planning for a Better Future

We go over options and help you make critical decisions designed to protect you and your family through difficult situations. Preparing for illness, injury, incapacitation, or death is recommended at any age, especially in later years with declining health. It removes the stress and uncertainty that come with medical and financial challenges. We’ve helped people of varying lifestyles and financial situations, allowing us to draw on vast resources to create tailored plans. You’ll also benefit from our range of practice areas that overlap with our estate planning services.

As uncomfortable as the topic is, you need to consider what will happen to you and your loved ones if something happens to you. Britt S. Williams focuses on estate planning services to help you get started today. She listens carefully to determine your needs and goals before developing a comprehensive estate plan to meet them. Some estate planning documents included in your plan are:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Powers of attorney
  • Living wills

Contact us to fill out an intake form for a basic plan or a consultation to go over a more complex strategy.

Many families today are taking care of young children and aging parents simultaneously. Many legal issues affect people as they age, and updates need to be made to estate plans to accommodate long-term care needs and disabilities, including asset protection strategies, powers of attorney, guardianships, and more.

Special Needs Planning

Special needs planning refers to the legal planning process for any person or family member with a disability, whether diagnosed at birth, in adulthood, or caused by illness or injury. Special needs planning can start at any point in life; however, the earlier you begin, the better.

The legal strategies may include:

  • Establishing a special needs trust
  • Appointing guardianship

Special Needs Trust

A special needs trust is designed to protect the assets of a loved one who receives benefits due to a mental or physical disability or payments arising from an injury that needs to be specially distributed. The trust holds the assets of a disabled person and distributes funds to provide additional support without jeopardizing eligibility for government benefits. It does this by reducing countable assets owned by the disabled person.

A special needs trust is one way parents of a special needs child can provide for their child in their estate plan. One of the most effective strategies is using the trust to supplement their lifestyle with funds for recreation, travel, education, and medical expenses not covered by Medicaid. This trust must be set up carefully according to federal and state rules. Schneider & Williams, P.C. will ensure that your trust is successful in meeting its goals.

Gun Trusts

Building a gun trust will help you share your firearms with your family and friends and pass them on to heirs when you die, legally and safely. A custom trust avoids unintended felonies by:

  • Holding legal title to regulated (NFA) and non-regulated (non-NFA) firearms
  • Providing legal benefits and protections to you and specific people you name in the trust. This ensures the legal use and transfer of firearms at all times

Pet trusts

A pet trust is more versatile than a will and offers pet owners more options when planning for the future. It can provide money managed by a trustee for the pet’s care during and after the pet owner’s lifetime.

Schneider & Williams, P.C. is a boutique nationwide law firm based in Stuart, Virginia. We specialize in business and estate planning, including asset protection, revocable trusts, special needs trusts, succession planning and mediation, and general counsel. Our firm also helps you with corporate law, including mergers and acquisitions and real estate development and closings. Let us be your go-to firm for a lifetime of legal needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, email us at, or call 276-694-2455 to schedule a consultation. We have helped so many people in similar situations to yours.

We look at our clients as people with genuine problems and get to know you and work with you to help meet your needs in a timely and pleasant manner.

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