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Last Will and Testament

Admit it, you need a Will

Admit it, you need a Will. You’ve been putting it off for years, only thinking about it when you see an attorney or someone passes away. You’ve felt that gut-wrenching moment when you hear of a friend who is going through a tough time with their family members over the estate (what little there is) or someone makes off with all of momma’s things because no one knew what to do when she passed.

A Will can solve these problems for your family. Help them now and give yourself the relief of knowing that your family won’t be fighting over the value of your material things after you pass. Leave clear instructions for them to know what you’d like done with you pets, your gardening tools, the tractor, your coin or gun collection, and the family home place. If you don’t, they’re going to guess or try to abide by your wishes, and if you think they argue now, just wait until you’re not here anymore.

It’s never fun to think about your own passing, but it’s inevitable and better to get it out of the way now rather than stressing over it for years to come. We can help alleviate this stress by providing an estate plan that makes sense for you and your family. An ounce of prevention, or pre-planning in this instance, is worth a pound of cure. Don’t leave your family litigation, leave them a clear set of instructions to carry out your final wishes.

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