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Happy Anniversary

One Year Anniversary

It has been a year since we first opened our practice in Stuart, Virginia. We’ve learned so much and are very thankful for the support of our family, our friends, our local bar, and our court system. Thank you all…

No Shave November

Join Us in No-Shave November!

“Let it Grow! Let it Grow!” It’s that time of year again. You feel the chill in the air kissing your cheek. Marshmallows float atop hot chocolate in oversized mugs. The foam of pumpkin spice lattes hang from the well-groomed mustaches…

Martinsville Speedway

Fans Beware of Speed Traps Near Martinsville

If you are one of the thousands traveling to see NASCAR drivers race for a position in The Chase at the Martinsville Speedway this weekend, you’ll likely see three things: beautiful leaves, NASCAR stickers, and the Virginia State Police.  That’s right, the VSP…

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